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Fasa A24 6000
Code: 8.578.0008
A24 6000
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Suitable for maintenance and deep cleaning of medium and large areas (up to 6.000 m²). More than 90/120 kg of constant pressure on the brushes. Large load tank capacity, resulting in reduced number of stops and maximum use of battery charge for effective operation of the machine. Stability even when fully loaded. Front independent wheel-drive with tight steering radius. Easy access to electrical components. Automatic brush plate lifting system. Automatic squeegee lifting system. Automatic squeegee lifting while reverse going. Automatic control system for brush rotation and detergent water outflow. Antifoam device. Self-levelling brush plate. Hour meter. High-performance batteries resulting in high-working efficiency.Floor scrubber-driersStandard equipment   The unique anti foam device dramatically reduces the foam generation and prevents it from touching the suction motor, thus protecting its operation.The electronic floating switch stops suction when the tank is full.Large tank opening for fast and easy cleaning and sanification.   The strong V-shaped floor squeegee made of steel profile is widely adjustable and allows to combine the operation of the rubber blades with the high suction power, to get a perfect drying result on every surface. The special filter box retains solid debris and prevents the obstruction of the suction hose.   The scrubbers are easy to use thanks to the simple and user friendly controls. From the control panel the operator can adjust the maximum forward speed and the quantity of cleaning solution outflow, selecting the options most suitable to the dirt type. Job is simplified and made faster by the automatic lifting of the squeegee and of the brush plate.   Thanks to the optimal weight distribution and to the use of strong oil-proof polyurethane wheels the drive is perfect in all working conditions.The emptying of the solution water tank is quick with a simple and easy accessible mechanical tap.

Technical characteristics

Voltage 36 V
Scrubbing width 870 mm
Squeegee width 1110 mm
Max working capacity 6090 m2/h
Detergent tank capacity 200 l
Recovery tank capacity stop/total 210 / 240 l.
Traction Font Motorwheel / 900
Brush motor power 1500 W
Depression / vacuum motor power 1800 mmH2O/ 600 W
RPM / Brush pressure 150 RPM/ 90 Kg
Detergent solution system 10% / 8%

Standard accessories


PPL Brush ø 431 mm-17 "

PPL Brush

?? 431 mm-17 "


Front squeegee blade L.1110 mm 4 mm 40 Th.

front squeegee Blade L.1110 mm 4 mm 40th.


Rear squeegee blade L.1185 mm 6 mm 30 Th.

rear squeegee Blade L.1185 mm 30th. 6 mm


PPL Brush ø 431 mm-17 "

PPL Brush

?? 431 mm-17 "


Batteria a cassone.jpg

Tube batteries 36V 360Ah C5

tubular Batteries 36V 360Ah C5

chest of drawers

Caricabatteria LWS1.jpg

Battery charger 24/36V 50/60A-220-240 v 50-60

Charger 24/36V 50/60A-220-240/50-60


Polyurethane front blade L. 1110 TH. 4

polyurethane front Blade L. 1110 TH. 4


Polyurethane rear blade L.1185 TH. 6

Blade rear polyurethane

L.1185 TH. 6


Tynex Brush ø 431 mm-17 "

Tynex Brush & nbsp;?? 431 mm-17 "


PPL brush 0.03 ø 431 mm-17 "

PPL brush 0.03

?? 431 mm-17 "


PES brush ø 431 mm-17 "

PES brush??? 431 mm-17 "

Copy of gruppo pad.jpg

Abrasive disc ø 430 mm-17 "-beige

abrasive disc?? 430 mm-17 "-beige

Copy of gruppo pad.jpg

Abrasive disc ø 430 mm-17 "-green

abrasive disc?? 430 mm-17 "-green

Copy of gruppo pad.jpg

Abrasive disc ø 430 mm-17 "-black

abrasive disc?? 430 mm-17 "-black

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