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Fasa Zumba
Code: 8.096.0021C
Automatic StopNew edition


  • Bomba axial con 3 pistones de acero, cabezal en aluminio con válvula by-pass incorporada.
  • Sistema de parada automática.
  • Carro con mango ergónomico y soporte para accesorios.

Technical characteristics

Pressure 110 bar max
EWbar 1595 bar max
Max delivery rate 330 l/h
Absorbed power 1.5 kW
Voltage 230 V-50 Hz

Standard accessories

pistola FASA.png

Pistola S'09 con attacco rapido

Pistola S'09 con attacco rapido

Tubo attacco rapido.png

Tubo A.P 3 m con attacco rapido

Tubo alta pressione 3 m con attacco rapido

lancia fissa.png

Lance ' 02 V fan Jet ø 0.9

Launches ' 02 V fan Jet???


lancia schiuma.png

Foam lance + bottle

foam +

jar Diffusor


Tubo attacco rapido.png

H.P. 4 m hose with quick connection for S'09

A.P. 4 m Hose with quick connection for S ' 09

Lancia sabbiante.png

Sand blasting lance

Sandblaster Nozzle

spurgatubi hobby.png

6 m pipe cleaning hose

6 m flusher Sensor


Lance turbo S ' 01? 1.025

Launches turbo S ' 01?


spurgatubi hobby.png

10 m pipe cleaning hose

10 m flusher Sensor

spurgatubi hobby.png

15 m pipe cleaning hose

S < span style = "line-height: 1.45 em;"wave > 15 m


spazzola fissa.png

Fixed brush

fixed Brush

spazzola rotante.png

Rotary brush


tubo giardino.png

Water inlet hose 3 m

water inlet Hose 3 m

filtro acqua 31020011.png

Inlet water filter 3/4F-3/4 M

suction Filter 3/4F-3/4 M

innesto rapido con filtro.png

Quick coupling 3/4 F with built-in filter

quick-mount 3/4 F with built-in


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