Code: 8.086.0159C
Techno 160 S
Automatic StopTurbo lanceNew edition


Three pistons, aluminium pump head with built in by pass valve. Automatic Stop System. Side holder to site lance and gun matched together (ready for use). Trolley with ergonomic handle granting excellent mobility. Hose reel. Gun with quick connection. Lance with Multi Water Jet: 3 nozzles (fan jet, turbo, foam). Rotary brush. Patio cleaner.

Technical characteristics

Pressure 160 bar max
EWbar 245 bar max
Max delivery rate 510 l/h
Absorbed power 2.5 kW
Voltage 220-240 V- 50-60 Hz

Standard accessories

09 c gun with quick connection

' 09 c Gun with

Quick coupling

8 m H.p. hose with quick connection for S'09

H.p. Hose 8 m

, with easy connection system for '


Rotating brush 04

rotating Brush 04

Foam lance + bottle

foam +

jar Diffusor

Quick connection 3/4 F

quick-mount 3/4 F


09 c gun with quick connection and 1/4 "adapter

' 09 c Gun with quick connector and 1/4 "adapter

09 c gun set with quick coupling H.p. hose 6 m +

' 09 c gun Kit with quick coupling H.p. hose 6 m +

H.P. 8 m reinforced hose, quick connection

A.P. 8 m reinforced Tubing, for

Quick coupling

Lance with nozzle holder


nozzle head port

Fixed spray nozzle head ø 0.95

fixed spray nozzle Head d. 0, 95 & nbsp; (for launches. 6.002.0340)

Curved lance



Sand blasting lance

Sandblaster Nozzle

6 m pipe cleaning hose

6 m flusher Sensor

10 m pipe cleaning hose

10 m flusher Sensor

15 m pipe cleaning hose

S < span style = "line-height: 1.45 em;"wave > 15 m


Fixed brush

fixed Brush

Water Suction set

water intake Kit from


Quick coupling 1/4 "M x M22

junction Fitting 1/4 "tubing M x M22

Inlet quick connection

rubber Holder for

Quick coupling

Water inlet hose 3 m

water inlet Hose 3 m

Inlet water filter 3/4F-3/4 M

suction Filter 3/4F-3/4 M

Quick coupling 3/4 F with built-in filter

quick-mount 3/4 F with built-in


TURBO nozzle head ø 1.025

TURBO nozzle Head

d. 1.025 (for nozzle No. 6.002.0340)

Surfer patio cleaners

Accessory to clean patios, pavements and all floors outside the house

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