Fasa  A12 75 BT

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Code: 8.517.0106
A12 75 BT


Capable to work for the maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas (up to 2.600 m²). User friendly control panel: forward speed setting, scrubbing and vacuuming selectors, battery charge indicator, traction direction indicator, key main switch. Large handle with traction driving lever for forward and backward directions. Self levelling brush plate. Cover removable without tools. Quick vacuum motor and filter inspection, without tools. Detergent solution filter. Detergent solution tank provided with large opening protected by quick locking cap   Easy access to battery and vacuum motor compartment, without using tools. Large capacity shock and acid proof  polyethilene tanks (88 l) avoid frequent refilling and idle time. 4 x 6V -180 Ah C5 batteries granting continuous working time up to 4-5 hours.   Adjustable speed ensures high precision in cleaning congested areas with obstacles. Intuitive controls reduce operator’s training time. Safety thermal breakers prevent motor problems in case of overheating or operator’s misuse.   Heavy duty V-shaped squeegee ensures perfect drying of every type of floor, even with large joints. Non-marking wheels avoid marks after the drying. Completely adjustable to fit any surface.   Strong mechanical control levers for heavy duty use. Large size drain hose for a fast emptying and a better cleaning of the recovery tank. Quick fitting battery charger plug.

Technical characteristics

Scrubbing width 750 mm
Squeegee width 900 mm
Max working capacity 4275 m2/h
Detergent tank capacity 88 l
Recovery tank capacity stop/total 91-95 l.
Traction Automatic
Brush motor power 1000 W
Detergent solution system Solenoid Valve

Standard accessories

PPL Brush ø 360 mm-14 "

2 x Brush

PPL?? 360 mm-14 "

Front squeegee blade L.925 mm 3 mm 40th.

front squeegee Blade

L.925 40 mm th. 3 mm

Rear squeegee blade L.1015 mm 4 mm 30 Th.

the rear squeegee Blade

mm L.1015 mm

30 Th.


Tubular lead-acid battery 6V 180Ah C5

tubular Battery lead-acid 6V 180Ah C5

Battery GEL 6V 180Ah 180 MFP 6 C5

4 x 6 battery GEL 6V 180Ah 180 MFP C5

24V battery charger 25A 220-240 v 50-60

24V battery charger 25A


On-board battery charger set-24V-25A

on-board charger Kit


Polyurethane front blade L.925 TH3 Sh40

polyurethane front Blade

L.925 TH3


Rear polyurethane L.1015 blade TH4 Sh40

Blade rear polyurethane

L.1015 TH4


Tynex Brush ø 360 mm-14 "

Tynex Brush  360 mm-14 "

PPL brush 0.003 ø 360 mm-14 "

PPL Brush 0.003

?? 360 mm-14 "

PES Brush ø 360 mm-14 "

PES Brush??? 360 mm-14 "

Pad holder EWD ø 360-14 "

pad holder EWD?? 360-14 "

Abrasive pad ø 381 mm-15 "-beige

Abrasive pad d.  381 mm-15 "-beige

Abrasive pad ø 381 mm-15 "-green

Abrasive pad 381 mm-15 "-green

Abrasive pad ø 381 mm-15 "-black

Abrasive pad 381 mm-15 "-black (5 pcs)

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Fasa  A12 75 BT


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