Code: 8.451.0202


Stainless steel body AISI 304. steam Ready warning lamp. Water heater 3kW s/s AISI 304-Thickness 25/10. Low level water indicator lamp. Boiler is refilled continuously. Switch for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam. Device for cleaning hot water mixed with steam. Washable. filter Flex hose 4 m. Recovery tank capacity 64 l. Drain hose system. Steam regulation. Wheels suitable for use in food processing. Blower system area available. ON/OFF main switch with indicator lamp. ON/OFF boiler switch with indicator lamp

Technical characteristics

Max steam pressure 7 bar
Temperature 158 °C
Boiler power abs 3000 W/230 V-50 Hz
Steam production 3,5 Kg/h
Water tank/détergent tank capacity 5/5 l.
Absorbed power vacuum motor 1100 W

Standard accessories

Vacuum handle complete with hose


-full pipe Handle

230 mm glass wiper

230 mm squeegee Frame

150 mm glass wiper

150 mm squeegee Frame

Rectangular nozzle small brush

rectangular nozzle small Brush

Small rectangular nozzle

small rectangular Nozzle steam/vacuum-

Dust frame 300 mm

frame for 300 mm


Liquid frame 300 mm

liquid Frame 300 mm

Carpet frame 300 mm

carpet loom

300 mm

Brush holder accessory

support Accessory steam/vacuum brush-

Suction round brush

suction round Brush

Suction nozzle



suction nozzle

Flat nozzle ø 35

Launches flat?? 35

Connection nozzle accessories

Connecting accessories with steam/vacuum nozzle-

Small brush d.30 nylon

& nbsp; small Brush??? 30 nylon

Small brush ø brass 30

small Brush d. 30 

Small brush d. 30 stainless steel

& nbsp; small Brush d. 30

stainless steel


steam/vacuum Extension-

Suction hose

suction hose

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