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Code: 8.524.3303
A3 45E
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Suitable to work in congested areas like wellness centres and medical environments in general, gyms, retail outlets, car shops, sales points and health care. Solution water filter and solenoid valve (battery model only). User friendly control panel. Hour meter (optional). Chemical dosing system on reques. Recovery water tank with visual inspection. Reclining handle with control lever (battery model only). Low noise operation thanks to the protected positioning of vacuum motor. Recovery tank drain hose with adjustable flow system. Indicator of the solution water tank fill level. Easy access to the recovery tank. Non-marking wheels.   User friendly analogic control panel. Control lever for brush operation and detergent water outflow. ON/OFF and battery cutout switch key, brush and vacuum motor switch, detergent dosing knob (optional) Thermal circuit breaker to protect vacuum and brush motor, battery level indicator, hour meter (optional).   Automatic detergent dosing system on request. Indicator of clean water tank level. Detergent solution regulation. Recovery tank drain hose with adjustable flow system. Easy access to recovery water tank with visual inspection. Extremely silent (62 dB) thanks to the particular housing of the vacuum motor and the use of soundproofing material.   Thanks to the special squeegee support it is easily possible to the tilting of the machine to carry out the drying of the floor without scrubbing. The oversize wheels facilitate maneuverability and effortless use.

Technical characteristics

Scrubbing width 450 mm
Squeegee width 800 mm
Max working capacity 1575 m2/h
Detergent tank capacity 25 l
Recovery tank capacity stop/total 25 / 28 l.
Traction Mechanical
Brush motor power 550 W
Depression / vacuum motor power 500 mmH2O/550 Kg
RPM / Brush pressure 140 RPM/ 25 Kg
Detergent solution system Mechanical
Voltage 230V-50Hz

Standard accessories

spazz PP perlavare.jpg

PPL Brush ø 430 mm-17 "

PPL Brush

?? 430 mm-17 "

Lama squeegee rossa.jpg

Front squeegee blade L.830 mm 2.5 mm 40 Th.

front squeegee Blade


40 mm

Lama squeegee rossa.jpg

Rear squeegee blade L.870 mm 3 mm 40 Th.

rear squeegee Blade L.870 mm 40 Th. 3 mm


Lama ant-squeegee naturale.jpg

Polyurethane front blade L.830 TH. 3

polyurethane front Blade

L.830 TH. 3

Lama ant-squeegee naturale.jpg

Polyurethane rear blade L.870 TH. 4

Blade rear polyurethane

L.870 TH. 4

& nbsp;

spazz tynex.jpg

Tynex Brush ø 430 mm-17 "

Tynex Brush & nbsp;?? 430 mm-17 "

spazz tynex.jpg

PPL brush 0.03 ø 430 mm-17 "

PPL brush 0.03

?? 430 mm-17 "

spazz pes.jpg

PES Brush ø 430 mm-17 "

PES Brush??? 430 mm-17 "

disco tras pad EWU colorati.jpg

Pad holder EWU ø 430 mm-19 "

pad holder EWU?? 430 mm-19 "

Copy of gruppo pad.jpg

Abrasive disc ø 430 mm-17 "-beige

abrasive disc?? 430 mm-17 "-beige

Copy of gruppo pad.jpg

Abrasive disc ø 430 mm-17 "-green

abrasive disc?? 430 mm-17 "-green

Copy of gruppo pad.jpg

Abrasive disc ø 430 mm-17 "-black

abrasive disc?? 430 mm-17 "-black

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