Fasa Foamjet SX50

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Code: 0.006.0010
Foamjet SX50


Continuous pneumatic foam sprayers need a permanent connection to an air compressor; in this way air mixes with the chemical product producing a soft and voluminous foam that persists on surfaces: with a little chemical product, it is possible to treat wider areas or tough dirt (also on ceilings, inclined and/or slippery walls). They work at high pressure and so they use capacious steel or stainless steel tanks to allow a greater working autonomy.

Technical characteristics

Gross tank volume 50 l
Tank type inox
Recharging pneumatica continua
Hose type rilsan a spirale
Hose / lance length 10/900 mt/mm
Dimensions / weight 45x42x102/18 cm/kg
Operating pressure 6 bar
Safety valve 8 max bar
Pressure indicator manometro
Level indicator a colonna esterna
Pressure regulator manuale
Gun connection 1/4 " G-F

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Fasa Foamjet SX50


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