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Code: 8.453.0001
IVP Katla


Saturated steam at 9 bar at a temperature of 175 ° C. Steam gun with low voltage controls. Body AISI 304 stainless steel. 3,3 kW Boiler in stainless steel AISI 304, thickness 25/10. Warning light for lack of water. Device for the use of chemical products mixed with steam. Phase of complete heating and activation: 7 min. Adjustable steam. Drain valve. Pressure gauge. Continuous supply of the boiler through the appropriate tank. Wheels suitable for use in food environments. Basket for objects.

Technical characteristics

Max steam pressure 9 bar
Temperature 175 °C
Boiler power abs 3000 W/230 V-50 Hz
Steam production 4,62 Kg/h
Water tank/détergent tank capacity 5/5 l.

Standard accessories

3 m hose

3 m


Steam extension pipe


extension Tube

Rectangular steam brush

rectangular steam Nozzle

Triangular steam brushe

steam Nozzle triangular

Steam window wiper



Brush joint

fitting brush

Steam lance with nozzle

steam nozzle pipe with nozzle

3 brushes set

3 brushes Kit (Pek-stainless steel-brass)

Triangular brush nylon bristles

triangular Brush nylon bristles

Small brush ø 50 nylon bristles

Toothbrush?? nylon bristles 50

Steam scraper



Triangular brush cap

Triangular brush cap

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