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Code: 8.452.0002
IVP 18 Vesuvio


Built-in stainless steel AISI 304. Pivoting wheels with brakes, suitable for use in food processing areas. The boiler can be refilled from the tank provided (continuous duty). Temperature regulator. Discharge valve. Pressure gauge. Device for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam. Heating and activation time required: 6 min. Control with low tension controls. Control panel: main ON-OFF switch, indicator lamp, thermoregulator, water and warning light (with buzzer), activating key, gun activating key. Satured steam at 10 bar at a temperature of 180° C

Technical characteristics

Max steam pressure 10 bar
Temperature 180 °C
Boiler power abs 1800 W/400 V-50 Hz
Steam production 22,5 Kg/h
Water tank/détergent tank capacity 25/5 l.

Standard accessories

3.5 m hose

3.5 m


Straight lance 175 mm without nozzle

Launches straight 175 mm without


Straight lance 250 mm without nozzle

Launches straight 250 mm without


450 mm straight lance without nozzle

Launches 450 mm straight without nozzle

Black 50 l plastic scraper.

black plastic Scraper 50 l.

Stainless steel bristle brush ø 30

brush with steel bristles? 30

Brass brush ø 30

Brush brass d. 30 

Nylon brush ø 30

nylon Brush d. 30

Glass wiper


Steam nozzle

steam Nozzle


Steam gun with hose (6)

steam gun with hose (m)

Steam gun with hose (10 m)

steam gun with hose (10 m)

Steam gun with hose (15 m)

steam gun with hose (15 m)

Steam gun with hose (20 m)

steam gun with hose (20 m)

Straight Lance 750 mm without nozzle

straight Lance 750 mm



Tank connection

tank Attack

650 mm lance extension

Extension launches 650 mm

Spray Lance with flat nozzle

Launches with flat nozzle

Brass bristles brush ø 80

Brass bristle brush

?? 80

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