Code: 8.052.0803 ; Alternative code: 8.052.0847
Automatic StopMade in ItalyProfessional hoseHot waterCold water


Burner regulation, optimized combustion. Double motor (pump and burner). Three high durability steel pistons, aluminium axial pump head with built-in bypass valve Induction motor powered. Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil. Safety valve. Automatic temperature regulation. Ergonomic handle complete with detergent tank and accessory holder (lance, gun, h.p. hose, cable). Automatic Stop System. Direct detergent suction with built in tank. Power cable with plug

Standard equipment:Gun-Reinforced high pressure hose 8 m-High-pressure fan jet plus lancewith adjustable high/low pressure regulation

Technical characteristics

Pressure 145 bar max
Max delivery rate 450 l/h
Absorbed power 2.3 kW
Voltage 230 V-50 Hz
RPM 2800 RPM
Max temperature 90 °C

Standard accessories

Gun at 15 3/8 "-M22

gun to 15 3/8 "-M22

H.p. hose 8 m M22-3/8 "F

H.p. Hose 8 m

M22-3/8 "F

Lance M22 ø high/low 1.10 press.

Launches M22?? high/low 1.10 press.

Quick connection 3/4 F

quick-mount 3/4 F


300 bar gun 3/8 "M-1/4" F (*)

300 bar Gun 3/8 "M-1/4" F (*)

700 mm Lance 1/8 "F high/low press.

700 mm Lance

1/8 "F Hi/Lo press.

1700 mm nozzle-1/4 "M high/low press. (*)

Launches 1700 mm-1/4 "M high/low press. (*)

Lancia 2000 mm-1/4 "M high/low press. (*)

Spear 2000 mm-1/4 "M high/low press. (*)

Turbo nozzle brass LWS M22 1.1

Launches turbo brass LWS M22


Type 1 turbo nozzle M22 (max 11.5 l/m)

turbo type 1 Nozzle M22 (max 11.5 l/m)

6 m pipe cleaning hose M22

6 m flusher Probe M22

10 m pipe cleaning hose M22

10 m flusher Probe M22

Sand blasting lance M22 WIDIA 040

Launches idrosabbiante M22 WIDIA 040

Professional rotary brush M22

rotating Brush professional


Professional pipe cleaning nozzle 3/8 "

Nozzle 3/8 Professional flusher "

060 nozzle



Inlet water filter 3/4F-3/4 M

suction Filter 3/4F-3/4 M

Surfer patio cleaners

Accessory to clean patios, pavements and all floors outside the house

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Cleaning of terraces, porches, patios and other surfaces-cleaning of swimming pools-Driveways, patios and entrance-garden furniture-barrels, drums and containers-cars, motorcycles, caravans, bikes-Gutters, drain channels-gates, walls of enclosure-Cleaning boats and personal watercraft-Draining basements, tanks, swimming pools, ponds-garden, to irrigate the garden, Park