Fasa LC 102F

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Code: 3.697.0057
LC 102F

Alkaline foaming cleanser for food industry 


Alkaline chloroactive fast-acting product, it cleans and sanitizes the surfaces and the equipment which are treated without leaving any residue. Used with a foaming nebulizer, it produces dense foam which sticks on the walls, enhancing its sanitizing action. Also suitable for floors, workbenches, equipment, etc..., it is used in dairy farms, slaughterhouses, salami factories, oil mills.

Other versions of Detergent

LC 101F

Foaming cleanser for cloth and carpetsProduct indicated for cleaning car interiors made of fabric and of carpet. 

LC 103F

Foaming cleanser for hygienefacilitiesConcentrated liquid detergent with acid pH.

LC 104F

Foaming detergent for commercial vehicles


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Fasa LC 102F