Code: 8.086.0132C
Automatic StopTurbo lance


  • Three pistons, aluminium pump head with built-in by-pass valve. 
  • Automatic stop system. 
  • Side holder to site lance and gun matched together (ready for use).
  • Trolley with ergonomic handle granting excellent mobility. 
  • Gun with quick connection. 
  • Lance with double nozzle. 
  • Fixed brush. 

Technical characteristics

Pressure 150 bar max
Max delivery rate 450 l/h
Absorbed power 2,1 kW
Voltage 220-240V/50-60Hz

Standard accessories

H. P. Gun

 S'09 c gun with quick connection

H. P. Hose

H.P. 6 m hose with quick connection for S' 09


Lance with nozzle head holder

Fixed spray nozzle head

Fixed spray nozzle head Ø 0.9 (for lance code no. 6.002.0340)

TURBO nozzle head

Turbo nozzle head Ø 1.025 (for nozzle No. 6.002.0340)

Foam lance

Foam lance with bottle

Quick coupling 3/4F

Quick Coupling 3/4F

Rotating brush

Rotating brush 04

Patio Cleaner

Patio Cleaner L25


H. P. Gun

S' 09 Gun with quick connection and 1/4 adapter

KIT H. P. Gun + Hose

S' 09 c gun Kit with quick coupling & H.P. hose 4 m  

KIT H.P. Gun + hose

S' 09 c gun Kit with quick coupling & H.P. hose 6 m 

H. P. Gun

Gun with  quick connection S'10Y

H. P. Hose

8 m H.p. hose with quick connection for S' 09


S'99 lance with needle / fan jet Ø 0,95

Turbo lance

Turbo lance Ø 1.025

Curved lance

Curved lance

Sand blasting lance

Sand blasting lance

6 m pipe cleaning hose

6 m pipe cleaning hose

10 m pipe cleaning hose

10 m flusher Sensor

pipe cleaning hose

15 m pipe cleaning hose

Fixed brush

Fixed brush

Coupling M22-1/4 "

M22-pipes joint Connector 1/4 "


Inlet quick coupling

Water inlet hose

Water inlet hose 3 m

Coupling / filter

Quick coupling 3/4 F with built-in filter

Water Filter

Inlet filter 3/4F-3/4 M

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