Fasa Spray NV50

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Code: 0.006.0003
Spray NV50


Pneumatic sprayers charge need to be connected to an air compressor to charge the tank and allow the product vaporization without the connection to the air compressor. They work at high pressures and so they use capacious steel or stainless steel tanks to allow a greater working autonomy.

Technical characteristics

Gross tank volume 50 l
Tank type verniciato
Recharging pneumatica
Hose type rilsan a spirale
Hose / lance length 10/900 mt/mm
Dimensions / weight 45x42x100/25 cm/kg
Operating pressure 6 bar
Safety valve 8 max bar
Pressure indicator manometro
Level indicator a colonna esterna
Pressure regulator manuale

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Fasa Spray NV50


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