Fasa SW 3700 BT

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Code: 0.061.0012
SW 3700 BT


Ideal for medium and large surfaces. Large surface filter with electric shaker filter (ET). Side brush raising control. switch off. Suction Flap raise system. filter Panel in horizontal position. Main brush pressure regulation. Indirect back collection. Quick main brush release. Long life elastic belts. Reclining lever handle. Suction selection. Traction lever. Antistatic device. Wide collector tank. Heavy duty steel frame. Side brush mechanical engagement. Battery and battery charger not included.

Technical characteristics

Main brush width 710 mm
Main brush + side brush width 880 mm
Collector tank capacity 60 lt
Max working capacity 3700 m2/h
Motor type 12 V
Power 400 V
Filtering surface 3,02 m2
Filter shaker electric

Standard accessories

Paper Panel filter 14 microns

paper Panel filter 14 micron

Side brush in PP


side broom

Main brush in PP and structure in Moplen, bristle? ¸ 0, 5 mm

PP and Central brush frame in Moplen, bristle? ¸ 0, 5 mm


Polyester panel air filter 5 micron

polyester panel filter 5 micron

Panel Hepa filter

Panel Hepa Filter

Mixed steel side brush


steel side broom

Mixed steel side brush structure in Moplen

mixed steel and side broom trees in Moplen

Cart for collecting container (SWL 900)

collection container cart (SWL 900)

Security bar for side brush

Security Bar for side brush

Tubular lead-acid battery 6V 180Ah C5

tubular Battery lead-acid 6V 180Ah C5

Battery GEL 6V 180Ah 180 MFP 6 C5

4 x 6 battery GEL 6V 180Ah 180 MFP C5

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Fasa SW 3700 BT


Slaughterhouses, Dairies-Delicatessen-Bakery-Confectionery, pasta-Warehouses and depots of fruits-wineries and breweries


SPA-pools-saunas and Turkish baths-Beauty farm, beauty salons


Farms-wine cellars and oil mills-fodder factories


Officine meccaniche-cement plants-steelworks, foundries