Code: 8.243.0008
WS 20
New edition


Silenced motor. Double electrical insulation. Suction system with bypass cooling system. Blowing function (blower). Accessory holders. Steel tank. Cable holder. Pneumatic filter shaker   Standard equipment: Flexible hose 1.5 m. 2 m. 4 pipes extention cable with SCHUKO plug. Multipurpose nozzle for wet dry suction & Flat lance Foam filter Cloth filter

Technical characteristics

Voltage 230 V-50 Hz
Depression 180 mbar
Tank capacity 20 l.
Air suction 30 l/s
Motor 1000 (max 1200) W

Standard accessories

Tubo flex.png

1, 5 m hose. with curved handle ø 35

1, 5 m hose. with curved handle?? 35

tubo prolunga rigido.png

Extension pipe 0.45 m ø 35

extension Tube rig. 0.45 m d. 35

spazzola per polvere e liquidi.png

Brush for dust and liquids

powder and liquid brush

Accessorio tappe.png

Carpet brush

carpet brush

Lancia piatta sfondo bianco.png

Flat nozzle ø 35

Launches flat?? 35

filtro spugna.png

Foam filter for liquids series GN/GB

sponge Filter for liquids serie GN/GB



Extension in chrome-plated steel pipe 0.5 m

extension in chrome-plated steel Tube 0.5 m

Tubo telescopico estensibile.png

Telescopic chromed steel pipe ø 35

telescopic chromed steel Tube d. 35

spazzola per polvere e liquidi.png

brush set with 3 accessories

KIT with brush and 3


spazzola combinata.png

Rectangular brush ø Black Chrome 35

rectangular Brush d. Black Chrome


Spazzola combinata nera.png




Brush ø 35 black

Brush d. 35 black

bocchetta piccola.png

Small rectangular nozzle

small rectangular Nozzle

spazzolina radiatori.png

brush for radiators

radiator Brush

filtro panno.png

5 cloth filters set

5 cloth filter Kit

Sacchetto in carta.png

10 paper filters set

10 paper filters Kit

Filtro a cartuccia Hepa-10x10.jpg

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

Filtro a cartuccia in carta-10x10 copia.png

GT series cartridge filter

Filter cartridge



Filtro lavabile a cartuccia.jpg

Washable filter GT series

washable filter GT series

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